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Outlaw Lawn Dragsters


ENGINE: Engine must be a maximum 1000cc chain driven, 1100cc shaft driven. No engine can be over 1100cc.

GROUND CLEARANCE: Minimum ground clearance of 1”. No point of machine or driver, with the exception of tires, shall be lower
than 1” from the ground.

FRAME: 1” X 2” mild steel tubing, rectangular tube metal. 1/8” wall minimum, exceptions must be approved by tech team, example:
chrome molly or round tube. (No aluminum frames.)

WELDING: Main frame, no grinding of welds.

GUSSET”S & SUPPORTS: All gussets and supports have to be 12 gauge (.1084”) steel or thicker.

STEERING: All pivot points have to be heim type (spherical, rod end). 5/16” rod minimum on double rod type steering, 3/8” rod
minimum on single rod type steering. (Refer to drawing for further examples.) Steering column shaft has to be ¾” minimum OD,
minimum wall thickness .1888(Sch 40). No steering rods can be welded. No steering wheels allowed, must have handlebars.

STEERING COLUMN SUPPORT: Bushing has to be 8” from bottom of handlebars minimum.

REAR AXLE: 1 ¼” recommended no less than 1” solid shaft. (No aluminum.)

REAR HUB: Must have 4 boltholes with minimum of ½” bolts. Aluminum hubs are acceptable. Hubs have to be keyed or splined
and retained with a cotter pin, or castle nut with a cotter pin.

FRONT AXLE / SPINDLES: 5/8” or 3/4” minimum.

FRONT HUBS: Must have roller bearings (NO bushing styles) bearing must support the hub. Hubs have to be secured by a
mechanical lock, c-clips, cotter pin, or castle nut with cotter pin.

BRAKES / HAND BRAKES: 2007 or newer machines must have disc brakes that actuate both rear tires, no brake rods can be
welded. Hand brakes are optional on snowmobile motor machines only. Foot operated brakes are required on motorcycle type

MECHANICAL LOCKS & BOLTS: Mechanical locks are required on all drive train, steering, and brake components with a minimum
of two threads being exposed. All bolts through out the machine must be grade 5 or better.

SPROCKETS: Aluminum sprockets are accepted (steel preferred).

CHAIN GUARDS: Sprockets and chain must be covered in a way the driver and staging crew are kept safe.

SNOWMOBILE CLUTCH: Any snowmobile type clutch must be completely covered on all sides minus the bottom. Minimum 16-
gauge steel or 1/8” aluminum must be to bottom of clutch.

SHAFT DRIVELINES: Must have a cover or safety loop, safety loop must be ¼” steel and 2” past the u-joint or spline, cover must
protect the area.

CHAIN TENSIONER: Rub blocks or chain tensioner required.

WHEELIE BARS: All machines must have wheelie bars, 24” minimum from axle to wheelie bars, the wheels must be rubber or
plastic (NO metal). Four bar minimum (two top and two bottom). Top bars must be rigid; bottom bars can be flat or round. Wheelie
bars must have a 2” maximum height from the ground to the bottom of wheel. Top bars should be adjustable for height. 


BLADES: All machines must have blades and cutting deck removed.

LIABILITY: All drivers must sign a liability waiver; this waiver is on your membership form.

MINOR DRIVERS: All drivers under the age of 18 must have a parental consent form signed by a parent or legal guardian.

1        A class: You must have a driver’s license or permit.
2        AA class: You must be 18 years old and have a driver’s license.

RACING GEAR: All drivers must wear a D.O.T. approved helmet, full-length pants, footwear that covers the foot and ankle. You
must wear leather or racing gloves. All classes must wear a protective jacket (leather, Nomex, Kevlar, or racing impact jacket).

FUEL: Only pump fuels may be used in competition. No exotic blends (Nitros/methane/alcohol, etc.). Racing fuel is permitted,
maximum octane rating of 110.

TIRES: Tires must be in good shape. No visible cracks or splits. Rear tires maximum size of 19/8.0-10.

BRAKES: You must have working rear brakes minimum. Actuation two tires. Disc brakes on all 2007 models and later. (Refer to
tech rule #12 for additional information.)

BATTERIES: All machines with onboard batteries must have a battery disconnect switch, which cuts all power past the battery. All
batteries must be secure and solid (no bungee cords, ropes, etc.).

ELECTRICAL: All machines must have one tethered kill switch and must have a handle bar mounted kill switch. All electrical
components must be well insulated. (Refer to general rules #15 for more information)

HANDLEBARS: All machines, A and AA classes, must have handlebars. No steering wheels.

THROTTLE: All machines must have throttle return spring (must return back to an idle).

STEERING: All steering assembly pivot points must be spherical or helm type rod ends. (See tech rules #6 and #7 for additional

APPEARANCE: Machine must have a new or neat paint job. No unsightly rust, welds, or damage. Mower can be in complete
primer condition until all modifications have been completed or season. No obscene stickers or graphics will be allowed. NO

TETHER CORDS: Machine must be equipped with a tethered kill switch, which must be attached to the driver when the machine
is running. At no time, the tether switch can be left on

the machine when not running. The tether switch needs to stay attached to the driver at all times.

WHEELIE BARS: Required on all machines. (Refer to tech rule #18 for additional information).

BODY SPECIFICATIONS: Manufactured hood, fenders, upper tunnel and dash must all be used. All of the above items can be
modified to the extent of at least 50% of the original component is intact and in its original location.

RACING: You must be able to control your machine in relationship to holding a straight line. If unable to comply, you will be
disqualified! After crossing the finish line you must come to a complete stop and check the position of the other driver. Allow the
other driver to come to a complete stop before executing a turn around. Return to pits will be made at an idle speed.

SAFETY INSPECTION: At the beginning and/or if changes are made through out the season, your machine must pass tech
inspection. All machines are required to have a tech inspection at the discretion of the O.L.D. tech team, and/or board members
can require an inspection of your machine at any time. Senior technicians can disqualify a driver at any time. All drivers must
make 3 to 4 registered hot passes at a competitive race.

ETHICAL AND MORAL CONDUCT: The tech team and the board members have the right to disqualify and ban any racer who
cannot conduct themselves in a moral and or ethical fashion.

RULES: All drivers and machines must comply fully with these rules or face disqualification! We will work with all drivers on
any questions that they may have on these rules, please don’t wait until race day if you think your machine can not comply.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Contact via website, team member, tech team, and/or board members and we will try to help you with
your questions. (Refer to contact list at the end of this document.)